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Are you stuck? Has your department or company hit a plateau? Even worse, are you feeling things falling apart around you? There is help only a few steps away.

20+ years helping companies and marketing departments create stunning content, run effective promotions and building predictable and smooth running teams.

About North Side Noise

Welcome to North Side Noise! I’m Miles, a seasoned marketing professional based in Arlington Heights, IL, available for special assignment work under the North Side Noise banner.

I have a passion for driving business growth through innovative strategies. My journey has led me across various leadership roles, most recently as the Director of Marketing Operations at Collibra, where I honed my expertise in Technology Management, Process Design, Data Management, and much more.

My approach is holistic, combining strategy, operations, and technology to achieve measurable results. With accomplishments ranging from implementing foundational technology to managing the marketing production lifecycle and increasing capacity by 175%, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table.

Prior to Collibra, I played a key role at TRULLI AUDIO and UL Solutions, where I developed a marketing technology management practice and led a team in digital marketing initiatives, respectively. My diverse experience has equipped me with insights into various aspects of marketing, from automation and SEO to advertising and social media.

Educationally, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History from Williams College, underpinning my strategic thinking with a broad perspective.

When I’m not strategizing operations plans, you can find me indulging in photography, songwriting, playing guitar, and staying abreast of technology and marketing trends.

Join me in exploring the ever-evolving landscape of operations and marketing, where creativity meets technology to create impactful results!

Process Design

Production processes can get hairy. We provide clarity on process and tools so you can forecast accurately and complete your work.

Digital Transformation

Navigate the complexity of digital change, ensuring you remain competitive and efficient with the best tools and process for your business.

Knowledge Management

Capture, manage and leverage your collective expertise and information assets to drive efficient and consistent SOPs.

Goal Setting & Tracking

Your strategy is only as good as the goal it aims for and a goal is only valuable if it’s measured and tracked. We help you do it all.

Marketing Strategy

Offering comprehensive analysis of marketing team direction for solving problems and achieving goals.

Marketing Operations

Turning strategies into achievements with scalable and reliable people, processes, tools and data.

Account Based Marketing

Build your ICP, leverage intent data and customize your content to personalize the prospect experience and align Marketing with Sales.

Marketing Automation

The backbone of marketing data and campaign management, use us to improve your lead processing, scoring and routing for maximum efficiency.

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