The opportunities to leverage video on your business website are many.

Event or Studio 

Having a fundraiser? A grand opening? Hosting a special in-store guest? Launching a new product line? Announcing a strategic partnership? Celebrating a business anniversary?

All are valid reasons to record and share video for the purpose of promoting your brand and business. Does your business host meetings for customers? Do you have an annual sidewalk sale? Are you throwing your own press conference? For restaurants and food suppliers, do you have regular tastings? 

Past Experiences

In the past, north side noise has done in-store tasting events and instructional seminars that provided a years' worth of video testimonials for a client. We've done trade show appearances and product launch announcements as well. 

Who Needs It?

IF your customer base seeks to interact with your brand online, your business can benefit from video on your website and social networks. 

If your clients seek to "put a face" with your company name. 

If your customers order your products by phone or online without stepping in your place of business. 

IF you have a photogenic workplace (or team of people).

If you would like new customers. 

Who Doesn't Need it? 

If you are fully capable of planning, recording, editing and producing video content for web distribution and have the time, energy, equipment and staff to do this yourself. 

If your business won't be able to handle a large influx in new and return customers. 

If your client base does not use the internet. 

If you don't have a website. (Wait, you don't have a website??? Please, do yoursef a favor and check out our website design services ... fast!)

Example Clients

Here are some example clients Zero Edge Aquariums McKormack, Stark & Powers FMJ Asphalt Precious Angels Childcare

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