The term Motion Graphics can mean different things to different people. Some people think of it as special effects but it's actually more specific than that. Motion Graphics is a subset of video production where the source of the footage is not captured with a camera. Credit titles of a movie are a simple example of motion graphics. Computer generated, hand drawn and scanned are both viable sources of motion graphics material.

Often, motion graphics are used to demonstrate or explain a product concept or services. If you sell Ikea-style furniture, a motion graphics presentation might illustrate the product assembly. If you sell a complex piece of software, screencast demonstration video will help walk your prospects through the basic tasks of your application better than any text description ever could.


At North Side Noise, we've done motion graphics projects for software companies, corporate human resources presentations and B2C home improvement service providers needing to illustrate the value of their service.

Who Needs It?

If your business is complex or difficult to immediately comprehend.

IF your prospects never have time for an in-person demonstration.

IF your sales staff occasionally "forget" to present your products or services consistently.

If your prospects are geographically distant from your place of business.

Who Doesn't Need It?

IF you sell something common and easy to understand.

If you don't have a website. (Wait, you don't have a website? Quick, go check out our ... fast!)

Example Clients

Here are some example clients Zero Edge Aquariums McKormack, Stark & Powers FMJ Asphalt Precious Angels Childcare

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