Social Media Promotions

social-96Promoting your company on the internet is very different in 2012 than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. No longer can your web presence be a one-way monologue where your clients read what you provide and the buck stops there.

With the proliferation of social networking sites (specifically facebook, twitter and google+, but extending into dozens of others) discussion about your business is a multi-directional conversation.  You speak to your customers, your customers speak to you and, perhaps most importantly, your customers speak to your other customers and prospects. As if that weren't enough, most interactions are (and should be) completely public to anyone who stumbles upon your company name. 

Do you need some help with compelling content to share regarding your business? NSN can set up your facebook page, your twitter feed, your google + page, your yelp account and much more. Contact us today to have your voice heard in the ongoing dialog about your brand. 

Email Marketing

open14Email is the oldest strategy in the digital marketing toolkit and it remains a reliable method for attracting traffic to your business website. North Side Noise is capable of coordinating a strategy for regular distribution of email marketing to your clients and prospects. We work with business owners to develop a customized email template (or a series of templates) that can be used for mass emails or in single one-to-one prospecting or nurturing emails.

Building a Lead Nurturing Campaign with Email

For B2B companies who need to develop strong relationships with a large number of prospects and customers, lead nurturing via email provides. 


typewriter-96Just because you run a successful business providing a great product to enthusiastic customers doesn't mean you want to spend all day writing about it.

If you need assistance generating content for your website, newsletters, press releases and other collateral materials, North Side Noise can help!

We retain a staff of contract copywriters capable of crafting compelling compositions in any industry or field. From non-profits to hi-tech and from daycare centers to needlepoint stores, we have your content covered.

CRM Consulting

In the business to business world, nurturing prospects with strategic touches can be the difference between a sale and revenue that could have been.

It is also said that the easiest sale to make is to someone who's bought before.

In both cases, keeping track of where your prospects are in the sales pipeline is crucial. To do that, your business needs a competent and clean Customer Relationship Management system.

At North Side Noise, we've managed CRMs with 30,000 plus contacts, built multi-level email drip campaigns, tracked ROI for regional and national campaigns and led the integration between CRMs and project management systems, Email Service Providers and Invoicing Systems.

Example Clients

Here are some example clients Zero Edge Aquariums McKormack, Stark & Powers FMJ Asphalt Precious Angels Childcare

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