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Episode one was recorded live on Sunday, October 20th featuring Gary Zimmer (@garywastaken) and me (@milesmaxwell) discussing thoughts and memories connected to the calendar month of October. 

In the episode, Gary talked about memories of the Niles North Soccer while I offered a foggy recounting of the 1997 Amherst vs. Williams game where I lined up against All-American Devin Moriarty (I was #77). For the record, I remember him being very good. Looked him up and found out he's a lawyer in Springfield, MA. 

I also referenced the Madison riots when Gary was talking about Halloween memories so I thought I'd give that comment some context as well. Back in 2002, Gary visited some friends and witnessed a campus-wide party devolve into a violent riot

To listen to this episode, go over to the Podcast section of the website.


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