This is a follow to our 4th podcast recorded on November 15th, 2013.

In this episode, Miles and I talk about Wisconsin. Since we had just spent a weekend up there, it seemed like an easy choice.  If you've never been to Wisconsin, you could consider this a good guide to vacationing there.  No need to consult any other guides, we cover it all!



For those of you who have never been to Wisconsin, please enjoy this picture of its location.

We touched on several areas where we have spent time, most of which were in the mid-to-south areas of the state.  Pretty typical for 2 guys visiting from Chicago.  I did mention the northwoods area of the state, however, as well as the central area which covers Madison and the Dells.


This area is the most often visited by folks driving up from Chicago, as it's home to some nice boating lakes, as well as the state's main city, Milwaukee.


The Lake Geneva area includes several other lakes, including Lake Delavan and Lake Como. A bit to the East, you hit numerous smaller lakes including Paddock Lake, where Miles and I stayed a few weeks ago. Williams Bay is a town located just West of the town of Lake Geneva, where my grandparents owned a summer home that we would often visit as kids.

Miles mentioned going to the Wisconsin State Fair several times, which is located just outside Milwaukee.  Additionally, Summerfest is held along the lake every summer, bringing in some of the biggest names in music.


This area of Wisconsin covers Madison and the Wisconsin Dells.  Approximately a 2-3 hour drive from Chicago to this area.


Madison is both the State Capital, and home to one of the largest "College Towns" in the midwest, the University of Wisconsin.  

Drive about 1 hour North and you'll hit the Wisconsin Dells, which is essentially a poor man's Disneyland.  Think waterparks and mini-golf.


I consider the Northern section of Wisconsin to encompass Green Bay, and the North Woods.

North Woods

This map (thanks to Wikipedia) shows how the North Woods covers roughly half of the State of Wisconsin. 

I discussed spending some time up in Amberg, and eating at a resort on an island as well.  After doing some research, the resort is now owned by The Four Seasons,  but was previously named the Miscauno Inn when it opened in 1905.  The property is lcoated on the tiny island of Miscauno, on the border of Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The property itself has some pretty interesting history with Al Capone which you can read about here.


Here's an approximate of where the Island is located.

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