headphones-96All of North Side Noise's audio recording, mixing and mastering are done in its in-house facility.  Powered by cutting edge technology and colored by the warmth of vintage equipment, North Side Noise is capable of recording rock, folk, jazz, new age and pop music for your business projects.


Facility Layout 

What you see below is a 3d rendering of the control room where the recording equipment resides as well as the mixing environment. Through the double paned window is the live room, complete with a floating platform for a full drum kit, and several varieties of guitar and bass amplifiers. 

Signal Path and Effects Processing

North Side Noise uses a 16 channel RME Hammerfall audiocard and Apogee converters for pristine audio quality. Feeding into the Apogees are high end microphones from Shure, Audio Technica and Rode coupled with Focusrite preamps.

Example Clients

Here are some example clients Zero Edge Aquariums McKormack, Stark & Powers FMJ Asphalt Precious Angels Childcare

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