North Side Noise Podcast

Episode 6: Guilty Pleasures, Part II

Gary and Miles delve deeper into their guilty pleasure song list. This one includes some Randy, Taylor, Ashlee, Andrew and a little Snoopy Dog Dogg.

2013-11-25 Gary Zimmer/Miles Baltrusaitisi

Episode 5: Guilty Pleasures, Part I

Gary and Miles start a conversation about guilty pleasure songs and what makes them guilty (part 1 of 2).

2013-11-18 Gary Zimmer/Miles Baltrusaitis

Episode 4: Wisconsin

2013-11-15 Gary Zimmer/Miles Baltrusaitis

Episode 3: Vacations

Gary and Miles talk about their ideal vacation and how that has changed over time.

2013-11-04 Miles Baltrusaitis / Gary Zimmer

Episode 2: Candy Bars

Gary and Miles offer their personal take on the 10 best candy bars of all time.

2013-10-28 Miles Baltrusaitis / Gary Zimmer

Episode 1: October

Gary and Miles tackle their first real topic: a conversation about the month of October

2013-10-20 Miles Baltrusaitis / Gary Zimmer

Episode 0: Starting to Podcast

Gary and Miles sit down and break every podcast rule ever conceived, starting with not knowing what they plan to talk about.

2013-10-14 Miles Baltrusaitis/Gary Zimmer

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